The Prescriptions
Now we're talkin'!  Yep, good time music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!  Get in
your Cadillac DeVille or Chevy with the tuck and roll seat covers -- your VW Mini-Van
-- your little red Corvette or whatever and come on over to a great time with the
Prescriptions!  You will have some fun, fer sure!
Kelly Shaw:                     Vocals
Fr. Ron Clingenpeel:        Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Dr. Rob Dahames:            Bass, Vocals
Dr. Glen Hedgpeth:          Keyboards, Vocals
Dr. John Wakeman:          Drums
The band was awesome!! Our group loved every single song
selection they played. When the guitarist started playing the lead
into a SANTANA tune the group on the dance floor just stopped
and watched him play. The singer was incredible, so talented,
great voice!! I would definitely hire them again and will
recommend them to everyone who needs a band.  Ann M.
For Bookings and Information Contact:

Now you've seen
them, come and hear
them.  You will have
fun and not be
disappointed.  Come
get your dose of great
music, good fun and a
special time.  We look
forward to seeing you!

The Prescriptions