Fr. Ron Solo
Fr. Ron Clingenpeel is a versatile
performer having played folk, rock,
blues, jazz, Cajun, zydeco and funk.
He returned to his folk roots several
years ago as a way to honor the life
and music of Pete Seeger, Woody
Guthrie and other 20th century greats.
Organizing the Great American Folk
Song Singalong, Fr. Ron brought
together a group of talented musicians
from other genres to give a variety of
voices and styles to this traditional
American music.
Fr. Ron plays with the Friends, but also does a
number of solo appearances, either at congregations
as a supply priest, or concerts, coffee houses, night
clubs, and other venues.  He is available for
conferences, retreats, parish meetings, congregational
events and schools.  He has played at retirement
centers, school events, chapel services and many
other places, so don't be hesitant to book him alone
or with the band.  
June 30:        St. Luke's, New Orleans   10:30 am

July 7:           St. Luke's, New Orleans, 10:30 am

July 14:         St. Andrew's, Bayou-du-Large 10:30 am

July 21:        St. Luke's, New Orleans 10:30 am

July 28:        St. Luke's, New Orleans 10:30 am

August 4:     St. Andrew's, Bayou-du-Large 10:30 am

August 11:   St. Luke's, New Orleans 10:30 am

August 18:   St. Luke's, New Orleans 10:30 am

August 25:   St. Luke's, New Orleans 10:30 am

Sept. 1:        St. Andrew's, Bayou-du-Large 10:30 am

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