Fr. Ron Solo
Fr. Ron visits congregations for supply ministry, consulting, solo concerts and much
more.  Come join us for any of these events.
Fr. Ron has been working on arrangements of original material
to get into the studio.  Beginning in the Fall, 2018, Fr. Ron &
Friends will be recording an original CD, with music that will
become part of the American Folk genre.  

Hard Livin' Man, a western flavored song; Refugee, about the
hardships of escaping torture and hate; Peregrinatio, the original
a cappella version; Scarlet and Cream, a love song; and other
original material will be included on the CD.  

Incorporating the musicianship of Chris Young, Robert Eustis,
Nigel Ra'of, Sammy Foti and others, the new CD will
represent the harmonies, gentle rhythms, and welcoming sounds
of Fr. Ron & Friends.  

If you would like to be a part of this production, check out our
funding site, which will be up soon.  You will be able to help us
get make this project possible.

June 3:     Fr. Ron will be at St. James, Alexandria, LA. on
Sundays until further notice.  We will apprise you of other

Please check the House of Bishops, Prescriptions and Fr. Ron
& Friends pages for dates when he will appear with those bands.  
There has been a renewed interest in the House of Bishops in
St. Louis, so some dates are currently being booked for that
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